Who is a Polytech Engineer?

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The inventor of tomorrow's society!

An engineer's exciting mission is to invent and build the world of tomorrow.

There are 750,000 men and women working in engineering in France. The profession is not widely known, probably because there are many different types of engineering and not just one!

From design to production, industry to construction, the engineering profession offers an incredible range of jobs.

Main mission: Solve technical problems

Above all, an engineer's role is to solve technical, tangible and often complex problems. To do this he/she must have a solid knowledge acquired during training and skills honed through experience. An engineer also has economic, time and quality constraints to contend with.

... But also and especially: Innovate for a better world

To innovate means to be constantly looking to improve products, services and procedures for a better economic as well as energy performance. An engineer must take into account sustainable development and the creation of new "green" technologies.

Engineer and manager

He/she must develop human qualities: engineers work in teams, which requires knowing how to communicate and supervise, while remaining open and humble. With every new challenge, there is always something to learn.

A multitude of professions

There are many fields engineers can work in. Industry hosts almost half the total number of engineers in the sectors of transport, aerospace, energy, agri-food, chemistry, metallurgy and pharmaceutics... They are also in demand in IT and telecom, along with the building trades. For several years, the banking and finance sectors have also become prominent recruiters.

Engineers can work in many different departments of a company, from research to production and logistics to marketing. Combine all these jobs and sectors and a myriad of professions soon appears: engineers in research, quality, commercial, purchasing, aeronautics, renewable energies and many more besides!

Exciting careers

During a career, engineers will change jobs several times. Their initial training allows them to easily jump from one sector to another (from aeronautics to automobiles for example) and from one job to another (from working in design as a research engineer to a job in production as factory director), while each time supervising increasingly large teams. Engineers can design a career that corresponds to their desires, and combines work and passion.

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