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engineering school, savoie mont blanc university

established from the merger between ESIA and esigec

In 2004, the teaching staff of the two engineering schools in Annecy (ESIA) and Chambéry (ESIGEC) embarked on the ambitious project of creating one large engineering school in the Pays de Savoie.

The project was validated by the Board of Directors of the University of Savoie at the beginning of 2006, and became reality on July 5th, 2006, with the publication in the Official Journal of the decree creating the "École Polytechnique Universitaire" (EPU) of Savoie University, in place of ESIA and ESIGEC. The EPU is a "Centre Polytechnique Universitaire" according to L 713-2 of the Education Code.

The governing bodies of the Polytech Network decided to accept Polytech Annecy-Chambéry into its prestigious national network on July 19th, 2006.


important dates

  • 2022: Professor Adrien BADEL is appointed Director
  • 2018: ISO 9001 certification
  • 2017: Professor Philippe BOLON is appointed Director
  • 2007: le Professor Laurent FOULLOY is appointed Director
  • 2006: Polytech Annecy-Chambéry is created
  • 2006: Merger of ESIA and ESIGEC
  • 1993: ESIA is created
  • 1988: ESIGEC is created

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