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Benefiting from 3 research labs

Research in synergy with the courses

With its three flagship themes – mechatronics, renewable energies and intelligent systems – the engineering school is involved in innovative projects alongside the Arve Industrie, Imaginove and Tenerrdis business clusters, the INES (National Solar Energy Institute), the Maison de la Mécatronique, the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), the CETIM (National Technical Center for Mechanical Industries) and the CTDEC (Technical Center for Screw-Machining Industry).

Intelligent systems

Theme addressed by the Polytech LISTIC research laboratory: Knowledge and Information Processing


Environmental Science, Building Engineering and Energy

Thematic studied by the polytech LOCIE laboratory: Civil Engineering and Energy



Thematic handled by the polytech SYMME laboratory: Mechatronics and Materials


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