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become an industrial ecology engineer

Opened in September 2021, this programme is the first and unique Engineering degree in this field in France

  • In brief: sustainable development, renewable energy, ecosystem, circular economy
  • You like to improve, protect and promote as well as develop synergies and work for a better world, on a territorial level
  • You are passionate about sustainable development on a territorial level, circular economy, effective management of resources, the fight against climate change, renewable energies and taking action to limit air and water pollution
  • Your dream job would be to work in resource management, energy, environment and sustainable development

Course language: French

location : chambéry campus

a certified training course

The Industrial Ecology training is certified by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs), the European EUR-ACE label and ISO 9001.


  • Obtain an overall understanding of current scientific, technical and societal issues
  • Be able to fully understand an industrial and urban ecosystem to appreciate the interaction of the flow of matter and energy with the surrounding environment
  • Imagine potential interaction and win-win partnerships
  • Connect and create networks
  • Manage and drive a project from conception to completion from the technical, economical and human resources levels
  • Be able to offer controlled and effective management of natural resources (air, water, energy, raw materials etc.)
  • Be familiar with the environmental impacts connected to human activity
  • Develop effective energy systems and integrate renewable energies


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  • Phone reception: 33 (0)4 79 75 94 00

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