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  • Johanne Thibault
    Ingénieur Mécanique
    Semestre S9, 2010-2011
    Sydney, Australie

  • L'opéra de Sydney
  • I chose to carry out my Fi4 internship in a laboratory because I wanted to have a work experience in this area as I am considering doing a PhD. To be able to carry out this internship in Australia was an opportunity offered by the connections the school has with foreign laboratories. My mission at the Australian Centre for Field Robotics (ACFR), at the University of Sydney, was to design a manipulative arm for a planetary rover.

    During this work placement I learned a lot on both the professional and personal levels : new methodologies, new work tools, tackling and leading this kind of project, meetings with postgraduate research students ans researchers, taking part in conferences...

    The city of Sydney did not spoil anything as it is very pleasant to live in : there is always something to do or watch (festivals, expositions, fireworks... and let's not forget all the pubs and restaurants !) and Australian people are really welcoming.

    To go abroad is a real opportunity that students should seize more often, for a work placement or for a whole school semester. The experience is worth it and personally I cannot wait to leave again !

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