Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics and Material Science

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Become a Mechanical and Material Science Engineer

  • In brief: design, industrialisation, composites, technology
  • You like to design, imagine and innovate, model, size, make and test, as well as automate, industrialize and work towards a better world...
  • You are passionate about understanding how things work, mechanics, mechatronics, modeling, composite materials, teamwork, sustainable development...
  • You dream about working in the automotive, aviation, marine, aerospace, robotics, snow sports, research and development sectors...



Course language: French


  • First year, Annecy campus
  • Second and Third year, Annecy campus for Mechatronics
  • Second and Third year, Chambéry campus for Material Composite

A certified training course

The Mechanical and Materials Engineering degree training course is recognized by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs), the European EUR-ACE label and ISO 9001.


  • Innovate by designing and developing products, systems and procedures
  • Model, simulate and size systems and structures
  • Implement production systems
  • Organize, optimize and coordinate production and industrial flow
  • Guarantee the safety of the workforce and equipment, respect the environment, regulations and norms
  • Ensure product quality

Our ambition is to provide students with a sound theoretical foundation, good knowledge of raw materials, their properties and associated procedures of transformation, a good sense of the realities of the sector and develop intuition skills, critical thinking and a taste for innovation.


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