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    Become an Instrumentation, Process Control and Software Engineer

    • You like to create, innovate, communicate, automate, organize, control, program, work towards a better world...
    • You are passionate about connected objects, video games, software, robots, control units, imaging, networks, sustainable development...
    • You dream about working in robotics, domotics, computing, aerospace, biomedical, research and development...

    Course language: French

    on Annecy campus

    A certified training course

    The Instrumentation, Process Control and Software Engineering degree training course is recognized by the CTI (Commission des Titres d'Ingénieurs) and certified by the EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineer) Label


    • Design and create intelligent devices and systems (domotics, service robotics etc.)
    • Competence in physical measurements, acquisition, transport and processing of signals and images
    • Design, size, create and use embedded electronic and computing systems
    • Design and implement reliable, sustainable and scalable computer programs
    • Design and control automated industrial systems, optimizing them for both production and environmental quality

    Career Opportunities

    • Information Technology
    • Production, Technical Services
    • Instrumentation, Electronics
    • Industrial IT
    • Software Development
    • Projects, Business
    • Studies, Research and Development
    • Marketing, Commercial