Contextualization of Human Centered Processes (CHCP)

Last news: the workshop has been switched to a working day in order to prepare a join paper that will be submitted to a special issue in the Journal of Decision Systems. The central theme will be "Context in Human Centered Processes: Application to decision making". All interested people are invited to join us at 10 AM june 9th at the front desk.

As part of the HCP 2008 conference in Delft, a Workshop on Contextualization of Human Centered Processes will be held on Tuesday June 12, 2008.

Contextualization is an emerging and promising field. The increasing use of contexts in decision making, case-based reasoning, Knowledge Representation, planning, diagnosis, Natural Language Processing, control, etc. is improving the performance of HCP systems in which humans and software agents are a crucial part.

In this context, we would like to establish a forum where any researcher with experience in applying some intelligent approach to a human centered process that cope with contextual information will be able to share his/her experience and results with researchers with similar problems but different approaches and backgrounds.