Welcome to the LOCIE (UMR 5271)

The LOCIE works on the energy aspects and their integration in buildings and their environment as much for new and for existing ones.

That relates to the innovative systems for the production, the transport and the storage of energy, and the energetic, environmental, structural, economic and social sustainability of these buildings.

The research ways of the laboratory is:

Sustainable Energy and Buildings

Our skills

The LOCIE rely on a scientific diversity which covers three main sectors : Energy eng.,Environmental eng.,Building eng.

Thus, the competences involved are :

  • Energetics, thermodynamics and building thermics,
  • Solid, liquid and gas liquid waste processing (filtration, bio processes),
  • Mechanics and material engineering.

Methodological competences in design, modeling, and optimization are added.

Laboratoire LOCIE
Campus Universitaire - Savoie Technolac
73376 Le Bourget du Lac
Tél. (+33) 4 79 75 88 21
Fax. (+33) 4 79 75 81 44
direction.locie [at] univ-savoie.fr