Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

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    Objectives of your Polytech engineering course

    This is a multidisciplinary scientific and technical engineering course aimed at sectors that require expertise in mechanical and materials engineering, such as: transportation (aerospace, automobiles, ship building, etc.), precision engineering (microtechnics, connectors, precision turning), energy production (hydroelectricity, nuclear, solar, wind, etc.).

    The course offers two specialties

    • Mechanical Mechatronics
    • Composite materials

    As a mechanical and materials engineer

    • You will innovate by designing and developing products, systems and processes.
    • You will model, simulate and dimension systems and structures.
    • You will implement production systems.
    • You will organize, optimize and trial production and process flows.
    • You will ensure the safety of people and equipment; you will respect the environment and comply with regulations and standards.
    • You will ensure product quality.


    • Precision mechanics
    • Aeronautics
    • Automotive
    • Transports
    • Composite materials
    • Energy production
    • Watch-making